Challenging Our Future. Creating Our Present.

In life we hear, see and think ways that literally create our reality.

The What If? Chronicles are designed to challenge our senses by asking the question, "What If?"

We create the door, by seeing it. We open the door with our words.

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We hope you enjoy these two wonderful artists who shared their gifts with us at Cedar Creek.

Maggie Allen

Maggie is a seasoned poet, who is known in the UK circles for her children's book. Her collective pieces for the What If Chronicles enable her to share her secret journeying into Father with others. Maggie's intimate moments are drawn out of the Father's heart, which are ignited by the 'What If? Chronicles' teachings and Challenges. Allen's poetry, in her own unique rhyming style, resonate the expression of Father in the earth. She invites her audience to dive into her reflections, in her calm and soothing tone.

Gina DeBrincat

Gina is a classically trained vocalist /musician and has been a minister of music. These days, she is using the frequency of sound to express her God-given gift as part of the peace, love and joy that she is called to bring to the world ... ‘the sounding’.

In this epic song, you will be blessed by the lyrics of St. Francis of Assisi Music written and sung by Gina Debrincat.


Chapter One was an amazing time. After 12 weeks together in CHALLENGES and MENTORING it became evident it was not just another course, we have become friends!

We hope you enjoy these few testimonies from our time together and all Father has begun to unfold from within.

Hope to see you in January as we begin What IF? Chronicles - Chapter Two.

Maggie's Testimony

Greg's Testimony

Sheirenna's Testimony

Susan's Testimony

Carmen's Testimony

Jess' Testimony

Lana's Testimony

Todd's Testimony

What's This All About?

The What If Chronicles is a course of study with the purpose to explore beyond the realms we presently live. In the exploring, we believe the topics presented will give pause not to simply ignite our thoughts, but more importantly, for us to ask more questions.

For many years we have looked to the ‘experts’ or the elite in religious orders to tell us what truth is and in turn, we have adopted many rituals, customs and beliefs into our lives. In the Jewish culture a Rabbi actually does not assess or judge the student on the basis of examination but by the questions they ask. We are beginning with “What if?”

Chronicles, by definition, may be a historical account of events arranged in order of time and usually without analysis or interpretation. When we decided to ask the ‘What if?’ question, we realized that it might also became a paradox to what we thought we already understood to be accurate beliefs and now question. We will not simply chronicle the events but explore them with activations and meditations and personal journaling as we become familiar with the new possibilities.

As you engage this course, we hope you will come to it with critical thinking and have your plumb line of belief in Christ Consciousness.
Our intent is not to move away from faith in God in any way but to help to deepen our relationship with the One whom we know is Unconditional Love and the Ultimate Creator of all.

If you are a ‘think outside of the box’ person and you would like to join us in this journey, register below.

Course Details

The ‘What if?’ Chronicles – is a 12-week course of study, activation and encounter.

Each week includes 2 meeting times.

The first weekly meeting is the What If? Challenge.

This 45 min - 1 hour Challenge will be led on alternative weeks by Kym and Helen.

After each Challenge, you will receive a downloadable PDF of the core materials outline, activations, and meditation for each weekly lesson will be available to help with your personal study and journaling.

Class Schedule: THE CHALLENGE
Tuesday, January 9, 2024 – Tuesday, March 27, 2024

Time: 7pm – 8pm CST by Zoom opens at 6:45pm CST

The second weekly meeting is the What If? Mentoring.

This 2-hour time frame will be set aside for testimonies, Q&A, encouragement, activation. Mentoring is what happens when we all share our journey on each subject for the week. This is a time to join in what might be a very lively time of conversation especially if you have encountered the heart of the Challenge during the week.

Class Schedule: MENTORING

Saturday, January 13, 2024 – Saturday, March 23, 2024

Time: 10am – 12pm CST by Zoom opens at 9:45am CST

Participants may join in the live classes or listen to the recording, as you are able.

We are asking that you set aside personal time daily for each week’s challenge. We are learning not just by the information given but by activating in our lives what we understand.

Course Price $120

Your spouse may attend with you for FREE

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1) Please take some time to review the ‘I AM’ series at website

2) Heart / Brain Coherence, The God Code, Energy Centers, and Meditation found in Lessons on

Reviewing these subjects will help you to be familiar with the present journey we are on and you will have a foundation for where we’re going.

About Your Mentors

Helen Toews

About Helen

Helen and her husband Ed live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and enjoy their beautiful Canadian summer season with family and friends on the Lake of The Woods.

Her journey in Faith began during the Charismatic Renewal. From that time she has enjoyed sharing what she has learned and experienced along the way in many formal and informal positions in Church life, BibleSchools and Conferences and for the past 30 years, she and Ed hosted weekly groups in their home.

Co-authoring a book called Supernatural Childbirth and helping parents prepare for the miracle of birth was an exciting time. She since has written 3 children’s books Emma’s Corner, Jacob’s Ladder, and Heaven’s Court and has had outstanding testimony from parents wanting to share Ascension times with their children.

Her passion is to encourage people of all ages and stages of life in their walk with Father; to live each day with purpose especially understanding that we are all One in I AM!

Kym Whitman

About Kym

A futurist by nature, always challenging the status quo and pushing beyond what humanity thinks is possible, Kym’s desire is to see the mystery of the ages being made manifest through the power and wonder of Christ. A mystic who lives from the heart of her Heavenly Father, she easily engages, challenges, and unveils the things “ that no eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man” – being revealed and experienced in all the earth.

A powerful communicator, speaker, and mentor, Kym has a gift for making complex spiritual concepts accessible and relevant to people from all walks of life. She brings a unique blend of wisdom, revelation, and compassion in all she imparts. Her unique style of teaching is based on her deep face-to-face relationship with Heavenly Father and from that place of His heart, shares spiritual realities that inspire and empower others into the discovery of their own “I AMness”.

Kym and her husband Todd have been married since 1986 and have walked in ministry with her parents for over 30 years starting churches, ministering abroad, and building communities. They have four grown children and have been richly blessed to now be grandparents.

Behind The Scenes

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